Sunday, April 13, 2008


RSS, what is it? The first time I heard someone speaking about this was at a conference that I was attending for my job, the topic of the conference was integrating technology into the classroom. The gentleman giving the first presentation of the day was talking about RSS and I was under the impression from his description that it was a form of podcasting, you could subscribe to a site and lectures, news, entertainment, and etc. would be downloaded automatically onto your Ipod. I subscribed to one site and it was a daily literature lesson and after listening to the second which put me to sleep, I cancelled that subscription and did not pay anymore attention to what I thought was RSS.
When I read the Wikpedia definition and realized that it stood for Really Simple Syndication, I continued reading and learned how it really works. I was excited to learn from both the Wikpedia and video link provided on how RSS really functions.
I had created a Google account so I logged and went to the reader function and I immediately went to and subscribed to the MLB baseball subscription. It took about thirty seconds for me to realize that I like the news coming to me instead of going and looking for it.
I have now added more RSS feeds and I have even started sharing some of the feeds I receive with others. I know I have only scratched the surface of this but I can definitely agree with others that this is very addictive.

Video: RSS in Plain English. Lee Lefever.
Wikpedia: RSS definition.
What is RSS. RSS explained.

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Kupofather said...

Lazyness for the win. Why should you go to the news when the news can come to you? ^_^ I hear you on the first impression being a poor one. My first experience with it was for a class I had no desire to learn anything in during my high school days. I half-heartedly listned to the lecture, decided it was nothing I'd ever be interested in and went back to plotting my take over of the known universe (I had big plans back in high school)

Good to see you've given it a second chance though :)