Sunday, February 3, 2008


Spam, and I am not talking about the delicous Hormel deicacy that comes in a can. I am talking about Spam, the unsolicitated emails that seem to arrive by the hundreds in my inbox everyday. If you are like me, spam has caused me to miss important emails that I have deleted thinking they are spam. Spam has forced me to that point, if I don't recognize who an email is from it goes straight to the garbage and then deleted.
Another issue I have recently run into with spam is how certain internet providers like AOL automatically direct emails to the 'junk' folder. Part of my job is to email an electronic newsletter on a weekly basis to approximately 900 employees. I do not have time to try and take the many calls from the employees who do not get the newsletter and determine why they are not receiving it. This is a direct impact caused by spam that forces many internet providers and email services to direct the alleged spam away from the users. This has become a very frustrating aspect of emailing as a form of communication. This is also why I believe in the Boulder Pledge.
One of the site's I visit is It provides a nice amount of information on the fight against spam.

Hazen,Scott.(2008). Fight Spam On The Internet. Retrieved February 3, 2008.

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Cole said...

Yes, I see the consequences daily. As my junk filter gets smarter about catching SPAM, it also seems to be getting dumber about catching my friends and colleagues in the filter :(